My quick take on the Vitamix 750 – do it!


So you wanna make a smoothie? I’ve been mixing up protein shakes for a post-workout boost and sometimes just as a breakfast replacement. Ingredients are important, of course, but you won’t get very far without a quality blender. I started out with a Ninja that served me well for a couple of years before it started to break down. Fortunately, I was gifted a Vitamix, one of the premier blenders out there.  I was a bit skeptical because these things are EXPENSIVE. I wondered if it was really worth the investment.  Could it really make a great shake?  Here are some quick thoughts on my Vitamix experience…



  • Power, power, power – There’s no questioning that this blender could crush a Cadillac if you could fit it inside the pitcher
  • Super smooth blending – Much better than a blender you’d find in the $100-$200 range
  • Easy clean up – A few drops of dish soap, water and run the clean cycle, rinse and air dry.  No need to dismantle and run through a potentially damaging dishwasher – might be the best feature


  • There is a learning curve – it takes some time to find the right ratio of ingredients to get a really smooth smoothie
  • It’s loud – sounds like a jet engine but what blender doesn’t
  • Cost – Even though it was a gift, I know it was expensive – it’s worth the cost of entry though as it will serve you well for many years (hopefully) vs. having to replace a lesser machine every year or two

If you want to make a smoothie like the pros at Protein Bar, you need a Vitamix!

That’s about all I have to say here.  Love my Vitamix.  Go for it if you do shakes or smoothies once a week or more.  You won’t regret the decision.

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