Happy New Year – Here’s to better!

“Mrs. Betterman” here! For many people, the New Year is about resolutions and goals. Every year you come up with a list of to-do’s, try so hard to stick to your plan and then week two of the new year has passed and you are right back to your old ways. You are frustrated, upset and wondering what you did wrong. Well, try thinking of your resolutions as a life change. Something you commit to aimed at making your life and your family’s life so much Healthier! Happier! Better!

One day at a time, do something new – something you would not normally do. Skip the can of pop you would normally have at lunch. Instead of fries, have a side of veggies. Eat a salad, a piece of fresh fruit, sub the white rice for brown. Try quinoa!!!! If you make small changes a little at a time, and you incorporate the healthier habits into your everyday life, it’s not just a resolution – it becomes an amazing life change.

noChipsOne of my goals for this New Year is to provide healthier options for my kids’ lunches. Something so simple as a lunch, you ask? Well, you don’t know my son. He is the pickiest of eaters. Loves his chips and ham sandwiches. One of the healthiest things he does like is tomatoes. The boy loves his tomatoes!!! I will post my experiences of what works and doesn’t work for my picky eater as we try to form healthier habits. Fortunately, my daughter is a little easier to please. She LOVES broccoli, fish, hummus and a ton other vegetables and healthy foods but incorporating those into a school lunch will be tough. Getting our kids to eat better will definitely be a challenge but I’ll do my best to provide BETTER meals in 2014. Wish me luck!

I hope everyone has a fabulous start to 2014!!!

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  1. deed3357@sbcglobal.net'leanne

    Mrs Betterman instead of paying expensive prices for 100 calorie snacks make your own. Great for the kids,work and even after workouts. Lots of sights to check out pinterest has a 100 calorie idea page
    be creative and save money!!!!
    Thinking Healthy,


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