“It’s all about the Bettermans!”

“Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each year find you a better man.”
~ Ben Franklin

This is the quote that inspired the creation of the Bob Betterman community and drives much of our philosophy around health and happiness. So let’s break it down…

Be always at war with your vices…

First, let’s define vice.

1  [vahys]

  • an immoral or evil habit or practice. Synonyms: fault, failing, foible, weakness. Antonyms: virtue.
  • immoral conduct; depraved or degrading behavior: a life of vice. Synonyms: depravity, sin, iniquity, wickedness, corruption. Antonyms: virtue, morality.
  • sexual immorality, especially prostitution. Synonyms: wantonness, degeneracy, licentiousness.
  • a particular form of depravity.
  • a fault, defect, or shortcoming: a minor vice in his literary style. Synonyms: flaw, blemish,imperfection, foible, weakness.

By definition, vice sounds pretty horrible. Let’s just call your vices your bad habits. These are the things in your life that you realize you need to change. You want to change them but they are your weaknesses. It’s hard to change. Tough to quit. Always susceptible to relapse. You can do it if you really want to change.

Change your habits. Change your life.

at peace with your neighbors…

We interpret this piece to mean much more than neighbors… family, friends, co-workers, complete strangers with whom you interact with at the store, on the bus, etc…

Does this mean that you should become Facebook friends with everyone you meet? Absolutely not. But you should focus on improving the relationships that are meaningful to you, living by the golden rule, and helping others.

Do not make enemies. Enemies are no fun – why would you want to make more of them? If you decide that certain people are not your “cup of tea”, simply move on, stay positive and focus your energies on the things that matter.

Healthy relationships with those around you are mutually beneficial. Everyone you meet is facing their own unique set of challenges, navigating through obstacles in their lives, and struggling in the pursuit of happiness. Be understanding and do what you can to help.

Make love, not war 😉

…and let each year find you a better man.

This part is simple. Nobody can be perfect but we can all be BETTER! This is our quest for continuous improvement. Doing a little something every day to become a better man or woman. Pushing our limits and wandering outside our comfort zones.

Eating clean. Exercising more. Making better decisions. Being more productive. HEALTHY, HAPPY, BETTER!

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