Read This: The End of Illness – What does Steve Jobs’ Dr. have to say about health?


I just finished up The End of Illness by David Agus. The book was brought to my attention by the Steve Jobs connection – Agus treated him for his cancer – but David Agus is an accomplished researcher, pioneering doctor and forward thinker when it comes to overall health and how we approach disease prevention.

Agus’ approach to health focuses on treating the body as a complex system – which it is – that is influenced heavily by its inputs. The inputs could be sleep patterns, food, exercise, drugs and supplements, bacteria or any number of things that influence how the complex systems in your body work for or against you. He talks about how we need to change our approach to treating diseases like cancer with a focus on prevention and leveraging technology to advance medicine (e.g. sharing your health data anonymously to gain insight from the vast amounts of data at our fingertips). The book takes a deep dive into a number of research studies and the specifics of how proteins work to keep our systems running smoothly. Beyond that, there are some great tips for taking control of your health and much to think about.

Should you be taking a multivitamin? According to Agus, the answer is no. Whether or not you agree with everything in the book, the point is to get you thinking about truly managing your health. It’s a call to action that I think we all need to work on.

If you aren’t as interested in the science, you might want to start with his follow-up book called A Short Guide to a Long Life. That’s the one I read fist – it’s a straight to the point list of the things you can do today that will help propel you toward a longer, healthier life.

Both books are recommended if you are interested in what you can do to take control of your health and influence your own outcomes. You can use the links above if you want to preview or purchase on Amazon.  They are also available in our SHOP.

To BETTER health!

And now some words of inspiration from Rod Stewart…


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