What do I do with all of that leftover cocktail shrimp from my holiday party?


It Came From the Refrigerator…

When hunger calls we’re faced with making a decision to fulfill that desire. Impulsively, we may look to the quickest way to tame our stomach’s call for food. FEED ME! This often means turning to fast food – either from a restaurant or something easy from the freezer or cupboard. The options at hand are often filled with high calorie, processed, and less than ideal ingredients. It Came From the Refrigerator is our way of raiding the fridge and tossing together better meals – sometimes with limited ingredient options (i.e. leftovers, no planning and no shopping required.)

This dish was inspired by the question, “What do I do with all of that leftover cocktail shrimp from my holiday party?” That’s a good question – shrimp is a good, healthy protein source and we wouldn’t want it to go to waste so may we present our quick take on Cajun Shrimp Pasta.


We rustled up some leftover cocktail shrimp (use within a day or two), tossed it in some olive oil and Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning and heated it up in a frying pan. Luckily we had some whole wheat pasta on hand and served the shrimp over pasta with some freshly shredded natural pepper jack cheese. This would also be good over a salad or quinoa. TASTY!


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